Miral Shah

Determination is required to keep fit and healthy and I think it should come from inner as well as from some Inspiring people like Parag Chavda. I started my journey with him 4 months before and today I had reduced body FAT of 15 KG keeping very natural and simple diet plan. It’s very hard for me to do exercise but always inspired by Parag to do cardio of 5 km a day.  

Sagar Sharma

I thank Parag for his guidance on Strength and endurance training. I used to be very thin and weak but its all his guidance that today I can had improved my physical fitness and musculoskeletal strength. Thanks Parag

Pawan Pagare

Parag is very peacefully and accurately solving all problem and he put his all efforts to achieve his targets and visions.I must say he is true inspiration for all fitness lovers. 

Harsh Jain

I can’t thank Parag enough for working with me at my level and giving me motivation to keep trying on my own . He has an amazing skill of identifying the root cause for your problem as every individual has a peculiar body and one must be able to understand what is right and what is wrong in his own case. He gives you the tools you already have … your own body … and some simple weights losing tips… . I’ve lost almost 7kg of weight and now have a strong immunity system. Even after working for 12 hrs in a day i feel energetic all time and that is actually helping me in my professional journey as.. well..


“It’s always a cherish moment for the coach when the client achieves the target results. Its been a journey of 3 months transformation of FAT LOSS of 20 KG. He don’t only feel the Fat loss but also improved a lot on cardiovascular endurance and Muscular endurance. Now the target for my client is to achieve Musculoskeletal Strength and Flexibility which will in turn help him to set target of Ideal Body Composition. Nothing is impossible.

“You must have to follow 3 D’s : Determination Dedication Discipline.
Concentrate on your Vision. Change the rout not the destination. All others are short term hurdles.  – Kushal   “

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